The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has made available a collection of National PFAS Datasets, which collects a variety of PFAS data from different state and federal sources on one convenient webpage.  Note that, for datasets for which USEPA was not involved in the collection of data and cannot vouch for its accuracy or completeness, it offers caveats to that effect.  USEPA also provides statements concerning any limitations in the data, such as where differing state data collection efforts create data gaps that may complicate efforts to compare results among states, or where older drinking water data (2013-2016) does not reflect more recent mitigation actions to reduce PFAS presence in treated drinking water.  USEPA promises to update the datasets regularly. Examples of the data compiled at the National PFAS Datasets webpage include:

  • Ambient Environmental Sampling for PFAS
  • Drinking Water Testing (UCMR)
  • Drinking Water Testing (State)
  • Superfund Sites with PFAS Detections
  • Clean Water Act Discharge Monitoring
  • Federal Sites (including US Department of Defense sites)
  • Spills (reported to National Response Center, generally for uses of fire-fighting foams)
  • Toxics Release Inventory On- and Off-Site Releases and Total Waste Managed