You are invited to join Stuart Kaplow for a live presentation this Thursday, November 10th at 8:50 am EST that will provide you with all the information you need to reply to the question “Are You Ready to Measure and Report Building GHG Emissions?

Stuart is speaking at the Maryland Society of Professional Engineers in-person forum and you may register at Maryland Society of Professional Engineers (

This is a completely new and emergent area of regulation where businesses across America are for the first time being required to report their greenhouse gases.

In a fast paced and fun live event we will begin by introducing the subject of greenhouse gas emission reporting and conclude with how to meet the required reductions in GHG emissions. While our underlying focus will be real estate, the vast majority of this virtual program has applications to all types of business in Maryland and across the entire U.S.

We will explain the new Supreme Court decision in West Virginia v. EPA. And we will begin to look at the opportunities in the just passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

The format of the presentation will track the blog posts on our ESG Legal Solutions blog at

The agenda for this one hour presentation will be (.. and yes, you can click on each blog post for a preview of what is to come on Thursday):

A Quick Refresher on the Science of Greenhouse Gas

Glossary of Greenhouse Gas Terms

Maryland Resets its Trajectory with SB 528

SEC Climate Risk Rule is Transformative at a Cost

An Opportunity for Commercial Landlords

Reducing Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Of course, we will have time for questions and hopefully answers, that those participating can ask as the presentation progresses ..

This is live program was first presented as a webinar in our monthly series, “ESG Talks.” At our next ESG Talks on Wednesday, November 16 at 9:00 am we will talk about “Green Hushing versus Confidentiality.” Webinars are complimentary but you must register at Webinar Registration – Zoom.