On February 11, 2023, staff attorney Brook Duer joined Pasa Sustainable Agriculture to present at their 2023 In-Person Conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

As the finale of the Center for Agricultural and Shale Law’s series, Brook presented, “Legal Planning for Specialty Crop Producers.” Recordings of the online presentations for this  series, “Legal Planning for Specialty Crop Producers: Understanding Liability Protections, Regulatory Processes, and Other Legal Risks,” can be accessed by registrants.

Legal Planning for Specialty Crop Producers was created as a multi-part 2022 educational series to assist Pennsylvania specialty crop producers successfully augment wholesale sales revenue with income from direct sales, pick-your-own, value-added commodity processing, or agritourism, agritainment & educational activities, the Center conducted an educational series of workshops and webinars over the coming year about the prevention and planning necessary to best avoid contractual, tort, and regulatory liabilities in conducting income-augmenting activities.

Learn more and access the recordings with registration here.