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By David Galpern, a summer associate at Fox Rothschild LLP, based in the firm’s Princeton office

A recently enacted Virginia law amending Va. Code § 3.2-6511.2 imposes strict requirements on commercial dog and cat breeders who sell animals “for experimental purposes,” like research. Senate Bill 87, and its counterpart House Bill 1350, was introduced in

Injuries to a woman who heroically jumped in a canal to save a neighbor’s dog were not considered viable as a cause of action under the state’s rescue doctrine.  See Ann Samolyk v. Dorothy Berthe, III, No. A-16-21 (085946) (N.J. June 13, 2022).  The State’s highest court declined to extend the rescue doctrine to those

By Meghan Currie, a summer associate at Fox Rothschild LLP, based in the firm’s Princeton office

A recent Bill, A2354, introduced in February of this year by New Jersey legislators should be on the forefront of any New Jersey animal owner’s mind. The Bill proposes amendments, bolstering existing animal cruelty statute 4:22-17, which addresses animal

For those who will be regulated by USDA under the Animal Welfare Act for non-exempt facilities with birds not bred for use in research the time is ripe for you to submit comments to the proposed regulation published on Feb. 22, 2022 in the Federal Register.  Comments are currently due by April 25, 2022.

Concerns about the potential for antibiotic resistance started when they were first introduced as life-saving tools in human medicine.  Despite such concerns, the importance of these tools for public and animal health have been memoralized:
Since the discovery of penicillin in the late 1920s, hundreds of antimicrobial agents have been developed for anti-infective therapy.  Antimicrobials

A Washington Supreme Court found that a person can be a victim of a crime of domestic violence if their pet is subjected to acts of animal cruelty by a partner to cause the person/victim psychological harm.  Such cases require a fact-based inquiry of the underlying crime, the validity of the domestic relationship, and the

As previously described, NJ bill A1219 would require veterinarians or health officials to notify known pet owners prior to rabies testing of the deceased pet, which currently involves decapitation to provide maximum protection to laboratory professionals conducting such testing.  The bill was conditionally vetoed by the Governor, who has proposed reasonable amendments regarding

According to the owners of Sospiro Goat Ranch, a small family goat farm in North Carolina, as reported on their blog, “the Facts About the Attack On Our Farm,” dated 7/4/2018, “vegan terrorists” trespassed onto their farm and stole two kids (baby goats)—one in 2017 and another, Freddie, in 2018—claiming that the kids