Our European Public Policy team is pleased to share with you our monthly newsletter, which looks at key developments in EU sustainability law and policy. This month’s edition includes the following:

  • France takes over the Council Presidency, vowing to implement European Green Deal.
  • Draft rules on the sustainability of nuclear and gas cause controversy.
  • European Parliament Rapporteur proposes substantial changes to the ETS.
  • European Commission starts revision of waste rules.
  • European Commission opens public consultation on bioplastics.
  • Member States approve rules on reducing the consumption of single-use plastic products.
  • European Commission consults on right to repair.
  • Council discusses proposal for Batteries Regulation.
  • European Commission consults on REACH revision.
  • European Commission discusses details of its proposed right of initiative to classify chemicals.
  • ECHA warns about deadline for so-called NONS notifications.
  • ECHA proposes restriction of PFAS in firefighting foams.
  • US and EU discuss measures on PFAS at OECD event.
  • European Commission announces new rules for large combustion plants.
  • European Court of Justice holds that WEEE Directive is partially invalid.
  • France plans to regulate greenwashing regarding carbon neutrality.
  • European Commission criticises Italian implementation of Single-use Plastics Directive.
  • Italian Budget Law for 2022 confirms postponement of plastic tax.

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