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On May 11, 2022, the Third District Court of Appeal published its opinion in We Advocate Through Environmental Review v. City of Mount Shasta (2022) 78 Cal.App.5th 629, reversing the decision below and ordering the trial court to grant a petition for writ of mandate, specifying actions under CEQA that the City of Mt. Shasta (“City”) must take before issuing a wastewater permit for a water bottling facility. The court held that the City, acting as a responsible agency, had failed to make findings or support such findings as required by Public Resources Code section 21081 on the significant effects identified by the lead agency, Siskiyou County (“County”), in its environmental impact report (“EIR”). This is one of two CEQA cases brought by the same Petitioners challenging the facility; see our blog post on the related CEQA case here.